My Paintings at the Delaware Art Show

Beyond Words: Plants
Each letter in the name of this exhibit was painted by a member of Studio 155.
I painted the R for Rhododendron, also Ruhl :)

© Eva-Maria Ruhl 2011
oil on board

More about our letters HERE

Dance of the Reeds triptych

Small Works
Another collaborative work by Studio 155. Each member painted a plant idiom. The works are displayed in an accordion style book made by Betsey Carter.
My idiom: Rotten to the Core

© Eva-Maria Ruhl 2011
oil on paper

More about Small Works HERE

Helleborus niger

Iris triptych

More images from the Delaware Art Museum are posted on Studio 155 Facebook Page
and all works can be seen in the online exhibit


Review of the exhibit by Moira Sheridan

Petals as portals to the soul