Post about the book "A Garden of Marvels"

A Garden of Marvels

How We Discovered that Flowers Have Sex, Leaves Eat Air, and Other Secrets of Plants

by Ruth Kassinger

Ruth is a friend and neighbor. She is also an award winning author of many books. I was very happy to accept the job of drawing the illustrations for her new book A Garden of Marvels, as well as paint the art for the book jacket. The experience of working with Ruth was tremendously exciting and I am grateful to her for trusting me with creating artwork for her book.

Reviews for A Garden of Marvels have been stellar. I read some of the manuscript as I was illustrating, but now I am looking forward to reading the final version. As our region is faced with another winter storm, I plan to be cozy with a cup of tea and a really good book on the couch.

Wander over to Ruth's website for more information.

Here is my oil painting for the cover, Orchid and Moth

The book jacket was designed by Mary Schuck.
Here is the book on my coffee table.
Very exciting!

A sneak peek into the book shows one of my illustrations, this one is of a Brussel Sprout plant.

It's official! Nice to see my name in print.

The book arrived in bookstores February 25th, 2014. Our local Barnes and Noble has two copies on the shelf. 

A very big Thank You to Ruth Kassinger for giving me such a wonderful opportunity and to HarperCollins for making my work look so good.